Waterlines and Miscellaneous Services


Waterlines are the veins of the wells system, they carry water from the well to the house, barns, and other outbuildings. We can install and if necessary, repair waterlines that have broken. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.


Installing water hydrants can enhance your property and make your life easier. Consolidated Pumps can assist you in choosing a location and hydrant. You need to pick a location and choose a hydrant before you start your installation.


Cisterns are polyethylene water storage tanks for potable water. These tanks are often buried or installed in the basement between the well head and the pressure tank. A separate submersible pump is required to pump water from the cistern to a house or other outbuilding.




Although we DO NOT provide excavation services for waterlines, cisterns, etc. we can recommend several Excavators around the area.