In-House Services

Pressure Tank Replacement

The job of the pressure tank is to allow your water system to work on demand, providing consistent water pressure for your home. The pressure tank is what enables water to come out of your faucet without having to turn on your water pump every time you open the tap.

If it is determined that the pressure tank is faulty, we can replace and install a new pressure tank for the system. We carry a wide range of sizes that will fit your water needs.


Water Filter Installation and Replacement

When you have concerns about the water quality in general in your home, a whole house installation is used. Consolidated Pumps can test your water to find out if toxins are present in your well water.

Water filtration systems for the home are available in a variety of sizes and filter kinds. Before deciding which type to install in your home, we can discuss the various types and applications of home water filter systems.

Diagnoses of Well Electrical

You have clean, flowing water from your faucet one minute and then don’t the next. Nothing. Dry as a bone. This typically signals a problem with the water well pump system in your home.

Electricity is used to operate water well pumps. They normally have their own circuit, which can be checked at the breaker box of your home. The first step is to see if the pressure tank switch has been turned off. Other components within the control box may be malfunctioning, which can be detected using an ohmmeter.

If the components are normal, Consolidated Pumps will check the wiring under your well cover to determine how far the electrical problem has progressed. If electrical voltage is flowing from your home to the well, this implies an issue with the well, and it may need to be serviced or replaced.